The Case for Homeschooling

by Norbert J. Kuk

Today’s basic question for young parents, especially Christian parents, is this: “do you want your children to be educated or indoctrinated?” Assuming it’s the former, you need to keep close watch to make sure they’re being taught what is historically and objectively true, as well as skills that are relevant to getting along and succeeding in the world – and basically HOW to think, not what to think. If there is any indoctrination of your children, it must be by you, the parents, with Judeo-Christian truths, morality, and values.

Since the 60s, union activity and public apathy have allowed our school systems and education establishment to be gradually infiltrated with atheistic, socialistic, amoral – and, more recently, anti-family and anti-American – faculty and administrators, not to mention government-prescribed curricula that reflect many of these nihilistic and immoral ideologies. As a result, many schools, and most colleges, have become tools of progressive propaganda, promoting beliefs and economic systems that are Immoral and/or have demonstrably failed over the years.

Our purpose here is not to advise young parents on how to homeschool their children, but to influence them to check carefully into the alternatives before jumping into the government school swamp. And for parents of children already in public schools, we suggest keeping close watch on what the schools are teaching, and organizing to voice protests where necessary. Here are just a few facts and cases in point to consider.

(1) As you’d expect, much of the radical drift of public schools has originated in California. For example, Murrieta schools were recently exposed in their efforts to sexualize children with progressive sex education programs that teach elementary school children about oral sex, masturbation, and other sex acts. Also, for example, the California Board of Education now allows the ACLU to instruct California teachers on how to help minor children get abortions without their parents’ consent. Moreover, Cal State University in San Diego is attempting to establish pedophilia as a “legitimate” sexual orientation. Finally, the state assembly just passed a “resolution” attributing the high LGBTQ suicide rate to religious groups and conversion therapy. These and other outrages don’t stay in California.

(2) Sexual deviancy is just one prong of the progressive attack on public education – there’s also “revisionist” American history. According to political analyst and former NY lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey (Townhall, 8/21/19):

Across the country, leftists are demanding that public schools teach “ethnic studies.” Don’t be fooled by the title – many of these courses demonize America’s past, label whites as oppressors, and convert students into “social justice organizers.” …[Also]

American capitalism is demonized as a system in which “people of color are disproportionately exploited” [by white people]. Never mind that capitalism has lifted billions of people of color out of poverty worldwide. [In short], the curriculum is a one-sided Marxist indoctrination to make students hate America.

Indeed, economist Walter Williams says capitalism is routinely attacked in schools. For example, in California again, a proposed “ethnic studies” curriculum, besides gross anti-Israel bias, would teach children that both capitalism and father figures are racist.

(3) Parental control is also under progressive attack. In a case that began in 2017, a Minnesota mother testified as follows at a later news conference:

Last year, without my knowledge or consent, without any court hearings or legal process, without any involvement on my part…a legal aid group [via the local school district] that gives free service to low income people created a notice of emancipation for my 15-year-old son. Suddenly, my son…was no longer under my supervision. Based on that piece of paper alone, he began receiving public assistance [as an adult] …I couldn’t get any information regarding my son. Even the school refused to allow me access to his records. …It was then brought to my knowledge that my son had begun receiving hormone replacement treatments [including narcotics] from [local health services] to transition from male to female….

The mother brought suit, but both a federal district court and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against her – and now she seeks review by SCOTUS. Her writ of certiorari states, in part, that the school district has “a custom and practice of barring a parent for more than two years from involvement in the child’s education after a child is deemed by the school principal, not by a court order, to be emancipated.”

Without a doubt, such usurpation of parental authority is unacceptable!

(4) And then, there’s the “old reliable” progressive dogma on climate change, aka saving the planet. Paul Driessen, policy advisor for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (, writing for Townhall (7/6/19), says this:

From kindergarten onward, our young people are repeatedly told that they, our wildlife and our planet face unprecedented cataclysms from manmade climate change, resulting from our fossil fuel use. The science is settled, they are constantly hoodwinked, and little or no discussion is allowed in classrooms.

Mr. Driessen goes on to point out that students are NOT told about the growing gap between satellite (actual) temperature measurements and computer model predictions on which the “consensus” of climate alarmism is based; nor about the data manipulation scandals (e.g., Climate-Gate) exposed over the last several years; nor about the hundreds of scientists who openly disagree with the “consensus” on manmade climate chaos; nor about the absence of real-world evidence to support a host of whacky claims that fossil fuel emissions are causing, for example, species extinctions, pigs losing weight, and salmon losing the ability to detect danger; nor are they even told about the other natural forces like ocean currents and temperatures that drive climate and weather.

Moreover, students are misinformed that storms are getting more frequent and intense, even though (Hurricane Dorian notwithstanding) recent years’ data on hurricanes and tornadoes clearly refute this claim. And they aren’t told about past climate phenomena in pre-carbon-emissions history – like the Little Ice Age, the Medieval warm period, and long droughts. Instead, they are taught that CO2 is a toxin, rather than the sustainer of life that it is. The upshot of all this is that our children are being exposed to fake science, with the ultimate objective of controlling people’s energy use and ultimately the entire economy.

(5) Another creeping menace to education, and potentially to society as a whole, is the embedding in the system of EdTech products by notably left-of-center Silicon Valley firms. Indeed, as of now, 66% of schools supply students with laptops or tablets and supply Internet service. And some of the available content is questionable. For example, by the end of 2018 some 84,000 teachers had downloaded lessons based on Howard Zinn’s Marxist revisionist history titled A People’s History of the United States. True, the new tech lets teachers remotely monitor their students’ online activity, but some are remiss in doing so, and others say they find many instances of students straying to video games, YouTube, etc.

EdTech is an entire topic in itself, but suffice it to say that so far, teachers and education experts have found little or no evidence that EdTech improves student performance – and many say students have lost the ability to focus. Also, Paris-based Reboot Foundation released an extensive report in June, documenting, among other things, the fact that 4th grade students who used tablets in almost all classes scored 14 points (one grade level) lower in reading than students who never used a tablet (Chronicles, 8/19). And if that isn’t enough, there’s a privacy issue: Google, Apple, and Facebook have already collected detailed records on most American student users.

These are just a few examples of creeping progressivism in our public schools – and in most colleges, it runs rampant. Consequently, parents, especially Christian parents, would do well to at least investigate the alternatives of homeschooling, or a non-union charter school (if available), or a private school (if they can afford it). The fact is, homeschooling is now going mainstream in the US, covering 2.5 million students and counting. And interestingly, a 2012 survey of homeschooling parents indicated that only 21% gave religious or moral reasons for choosing homeschooling. Presumably, the other 79% strongly believe their children will get a better education at home.

Finally, we note that so-called homeschool charters are beginning to pop up around the country, often funded with government money. Sounds like a good idea – but as stated in World Magazine (8/31/19), the downside is that the government may eventually step in and say: “If you want the money, this is how you have to homeschool.” It would then be just another road to the same landfill pit.

In conclusion, first PRAY that parents do their homework on this issue and make God-inspired decisions. And then, even if you don’t have kids in school, speak out! As Holocaust chronicler Elie Wiesel has pointed out, silence on issues that could lead to oppression helps only the oppressors, never the victims.