Back to Bondage

by Norbert J. Kuk

                                    We shall not cease from exploration

                                    And the end of all our exploring

                                    Will be to arrive where we started

                                    And know the place for the first time.

                                                            T.S. Eliot

                                                            “Four Quartets”


In a recent issue of WCN, we estimated America’s progression on a seven-stage socio-economic timeline that other major civilizations have gone through in the course of their history.   Our basic conclusion was that with our continued apathy and increasing dependence on government for a variety of “benefits,” we are negotiating a slippery downslope somewhere in the sixth stage.   The seventh and last stage, of course, is a state of bondage, which is where we started in 1776 – and anyone who survives to the now-approaching bondage stage will “know the place for the first time.”   

Normally, the downward slide from dependence to bondage would be a gradual one, but today’s progressives are bent on accelerating the process with a variety of catalysts – like the Green New Deal, never-ending attempts at gun control, measures to thwart any state abortion restrictions, open borders, and last but not least, proposed legislation like the benign-sounding Equality Act, under which gender identity would be added to the classes of people protected by US civil rights laws.

Gender identity is the notion that individuals must be treated as whatever gender they decide they are at any given time.   For example, under the Equality Act it would probably be illegal for, say, a tool manufacturer’s HR department to reject a biological male applicant for a sales job primarily because he arrives at the interview wearing a dress and makeup.   How long, how much expense, and how many lawyers, we wonder, would it take for most legitimate businesses to develop the necessary get-around tactics to avoid such bizarre situations?   Probably a lot of each, and that would be just one small example of government-forced misallocation of resources that raises the cost of living for all Americans.   Normal working stiffs nearly always pay in the end.

But gender identity as a civil rights issue may well be a premeditated distraction away from what commentator Peter Heck (The Resurgent) rightly says is “the great human rights challenge of our day” – namely, “the plight of the unborn.”   According to conservative author and commentator David Horowitz, abortion is the key issue in the progressives’ overall campaign to stop Christians from openly advocating their most basic beliefs.   Progressives seem to sense that if they lose on this issue, it would signal their demise as a political force.   The fact is, abortion is the cornerstone of the nation’s growing depravity structure, and progressives know that a Christian victory on this issue would reverse the trend and revive hope for a widespread rediscovery of our Judeo-Christian moral compass.   That’s why the heavy artillery to protect Roe vs. Wade at all costs. 

Another proposal that would grease the skids downward for America is the Green New Deal.   As Tucker Carlson noted in a recent Townhall essay: “The [Green New Deal] policies advocated by…climate change luminaries read like a left-wing wish list: more regulation, higher taxes, more government, and less fossil fuel production.   All those things come with costs to regular people.   It’s hard to convince people to sacrifice, but it’s impossible when those asking are totally unwilling to join in [themselves].”  

For example, climate change alarmist Michael Bloomberg owns 10 (some say 12) luxury properties around the world, and travels by private jet and helicopter – and yet, he wants to close down America’s coal industry, which would put thousands of miners out of work (and, of course, land most of them in government dependence programs).   There are many other notable and vocal climate change advocates who openly live a lifestyle that’s the opposite of what they preach – e.g., Al Gore, the Clintons, and a host of Hollywood actors and crony capitalist CEOs.   In the past, an objective mainstream media would be all over these flagrant hypocrisies, but today’s media people are equally hypocritical – they indoctrinate rather than report.

Gun control is another issue vital to progressives – a disarmed populace would be much easier and quicker to subdue and control.   Indeed, just the presence of some 400 million privately owned guns in the US probably keeps elites from running roughshod over the rest of us.   (Foreign powers may hesitate, too – former Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiao-ping reportedly said that even if a foreign nation could deliver a knockout blow to the United States, the advantage couldn’t be sustained “because there’s a gun behind every blade of grass.”)   Thus, elites are forced to tread more carefully, providing the rest of us with time to organize a resistance that’s Biblically correct.  

What might constitute a Biblically correct resistance?   That’s a subject for another time, but here are a couple of observations: Basically, we are called to obey our government officials unless what they impose clashes with God’s law, in which case we resist.   And what about weapons?   As Jesus told the apostles when they would be going out to preach the Gospel after He was gone from them: “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack.   And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one” (Luke 22:36, ESV).   In other words, having a sword, which was the weapon of the day, was not optional.   Shouldn’t that apply to your guns as well?

In other Western countries, there is already overt pushback by middle class citizens, mainly against most of the same elite policies that progressives promote here – liberal immigration, surrender of traditional culture, high taxes, “green” energy policies, and government overreach.   Such developments abroad should give pause to our own elites – but what might really keep them at bay is getting wind of thousands of small, very local, no-name organizations of Christians and patriots who are preparing to survive and even thrive without government dependence.   Think about it.  

Overall, we need to remember that it’s been apathy and moral relativism that has sent us on this downward slide toward bondage – and only God’s Truth, our prayers, and our Spirit-guided actions can stop the slide.